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A 9 year old me, poses for a photo in Heathrow Terminal 3 with the back drop of a 747
My Travels
My first big travel experience was in 1989 when my family took me to Disney World. We flew with Pan Am on a 747 from Heathrow via Miami to Orlando. It was the most magical holiday and I remember it to this day. Fast forward to 1999, I had experienced a few package holidays around Europe but my passion for travel really took off in 2004, when I went to New York. Even now New York feels like a movie set, it has a very unique feel to it. My long-haul travel bug had now started, in 2005 I went on my first USA multicity trip. I flew into Phoenix then we drove to the bright lights of Las Vegas and ended up in LA. I have returned many times to all of those places and added so many more USA cities to my list. Since then, I have visited Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia, to name a few. I have been fortunate to visit 23 countries for work and pleasure and flown with 43 airlines over the years. So, I defiantly have the experience to help you book your next amazing adventure. 
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